Podstawy stosunków między państwem a spółdzielczością w socjalizmie (wybrane zagadnienia)

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Principles of Relations Between the State and Co-operative Movement in Socialism (Selected Problems)


The state and co-operation are of a very complex character and relations between them based on different principles occur in various spheres. In each sphere, however, of relations between the state and co-operation movement in socialism some persistent or relatively persistent principles of action (rules of play) should be operative. The aim of the article is development and determination of some of these principles. As the most important principles of action in relations between the socialist state as. a political institution and co-operation as a definite social movement and a form of economy following ones can be called: acceptance of relative stability of co-operative movement in socialism, assertion of free and open character of co-operative organizations, protection of democracy in management and controlling activities of co-operative units and in share of obtained profits. A principle of relative stability of co-perative forms in socialism, which is discussed deeply in the article, means that co-operation can exist and be developed in a given country in a relatively long period of time. Such principles as: incorporation of different elements of co-operation and particular co-operatives into the planned economy system, guaranty of similar conditions of functioning and development of co-operative and state economies when differences between them taken into account, etc., are also of great importance in relations between the state, i.e. a disposal centre in the planned economy system, and. particular elements of co-operation. Equality, economic character of connections and consideration of differences in the scale of economic enterprises belong to the most important principles in relations between the state and co-operative economies and between the state and co-operative units. Basing on the analysis of these principles the author occupies himself with a problem of competition between state and co-operative enterprises in socialism. He points out the necessity of a more differentiated approach in this sphere. It is indicated in the article that approval of some principles in relations between the state and co-operation in socialism is faced with some difficulties, especially in practice. It makes it difficult for co-operation to develop as well as social and economic effectiveness of co-operative forms to increase in socialism.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 41, 1979, z. 4, s. 77-90



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