Problemy badań regionalnych w świetle aktualnych zmian systemu planowania

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Problems of Regional Survey in the Light of Present Changes in the Planning System


The article presents a concept of desired contents, character and structure of regional survey in the 80-ties. The discussed concept referes to the recent Planning Act and particularly to two traits of planning which were emphasised in the act i.e. complexity and concern about a social factor. The regional survey of future years does not have to depart from the previous practice of its development but it ought to be more selective and geared on finalization (and bringing up to date) of the selected elements of the practice. The survey must be closely related to the reality (a choice of survey directions answering to the needs of the planning practice), but it is also the case of understanding and considering those aspects of the reality (and in consequence — those needs) which are presently emerging. Three research trends can be specified upon adoption of that point of view: 1) trend of development integrity in the spatial aspect, 2) trend of rational spatial economy, 3) trend concerned with time and space interactions in the process of socio- economic development. The proper concern about a social factor is particularly important in the regional survey. Many questions are involved with that problem, like applying correct (socially proved) standards of development, relating regional planning to self-government, having regard to the psychological conditioning of development. The survey has to be effective to a maximum degree. Two questions have to be therefore emphasised: — systematic and concequent empirical and practical research, — practical understanding of regional survey as the inter-or multidisciplinary research, and its conduct on the base of utilizing scholarly production of many sciences. It is important to carry a certain development line of the survey into effect having regard to the particular traits of the Polish scholarly production.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 44, 1982, z. 4, s. 241-247






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