Świadomość narodowo-historyczna środowiska akademickiego w Tbilisi

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1996, 1996



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National and historical consciousness of the academic milieu in Tbilisi


The author has presented the results of his studies carried out in October - November of 1995 in Tbilisi. The aim of this unique inquiry was a description of the state of national and historical consciousness of Georian intelligentsia at the time of major political transformations in Georgia. The questionnaire used during the investigation contained 40 questions that could be divided into two groups. The first group allowed to define the respondents' attitude to other nations and ethnic groups, while the second described their attitude to current political events. Despite the difficulties extant during the execution of the research on the spot (political situation, lack of tradition for this type of studies) the author got answers from 180 respondents. After processing, the data provided the basis to state that the Georgian intelligentsia still remains strongly rooted in tradition and close to the history and culture of their country. The present state of the national and historical consciousness is closely related to the political processes in the country (eg the attitude towards the Abkhaz and the Ossetes, with whom the Georgians remain in conflict). A survey of the results of the study, set against the author's knowledge following his stay in Georgia in the years 1987 -1991 allows to state that the Tbilisi intelligentsia at the present time is seeking for its place in the structurally changing Georgian society.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 58, 1996, z. 3, s. 113-128



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