Rodzina transnarodowa w percepcji dzieci i dorastających – analiza porównawcza. Prezentacja wyników badań

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The Transnational Family in the Perception of Children and Adolescents – a Comparative Analysis. Study Results Presentation


Labor migrations, which are a permanent and visible part of the reality in many countries, including Poland, put a strain on family relationships, its strength, durability, and quality. Parents’ occupational mobility always involves certain changes, reorganization and transformations of roles within family life, which may pose a threat to its proper functioning. Therefore, we should take action which will contribute to the recognition of the transnational situation of families and thus fill the gap in relevant studies. On the other hand, actual findings should be used to assume activities aimed at organizing special support and assistance to migration families in crisis. It is vital to undertake regular surveys and to monitor results and consequently allow for the collection of data on what continues to be a little-known type of families. This publication brings the essence of the research process aimed to find out the number of migrant families living in the Province of Świętokrzyskie and to identify the characteristics of the major features of those educational environments. The diagnosis was conducted among children and adolescents and the results are the consequence of estimation of cognitive issues in the respondents’ perception. The research is focused on the following issues: the socio6economic situation, data mi6gration, implementation of care and educational functions, dreams and plans for the future, types of interests and the effectiveness of their implementation, the consequences of migration, and the support received by the respondents.




globalization, migration, family, diagnosis, school age, adolescence, socialization, education


Studia Edukacyjne, 2016, nr 39, s.249-270



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