Wielodyscyplinowość i interdyscyplinarność statystycznych badań zjawisk społecznych

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Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of statistical research into social phenomena


The modern progress in civilization and socio-economic life has resulted in science being addressed with ever more complex tasks and problems, which extends the competence of one single discipline as well as the potential scientific scope of one researcher's work. Hence complex teamwork research is more and more often initiated, with several fields of science participating. A new type of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies is being born. The paper focuses on this set of issues and argues the case on the example of social phenomena, both in terms of elementary philosophy of science and the methodology of statistical research. Even though multidisciplinary studies has been conducted for quite a long time, the literature on the methodology of science lacks more comprehensive sober statements on research experiences and methodological reflection, as well as presentation of model conceptions and research procedures. This allows to state that the issue in question still remains at the searching stage, and in regard to some disciplines (social sciences included) at the stage of experimental studies. Hence, drawn on research experience, a conceptual framework of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research procedures is outlined. The author considers in turn: properties of the object explored (in social phenomena), their peculiarities and variations, and discusses the potential obstacles that may impede the work; the conditions and rules of cooperation among particular disciplines during teamwork research; and finally proposes some constructions of models for research proceeding (quasi-multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary) and defines their preferences in the exploration of social phenomena. The models presented are propositions to be further verified during the research conducted by the Poznań scientific milieu.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 58, 1996, z. 1, s. 85-101



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