Creativity as the Ultimate and Instrumental Value of the Youth

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Kreatywność jako ostateczna i instrumentalna wartość młodzieży


The author considers cognitive and creative teaching method to be one of the signifi cant ways of developing creativity in the adolescents. The aim of this article is not only to provide the characteristics of creativity as the ultimate and instrumental value of the contemporary youth but also to hint at the possibilities of its formation under the conditions of current school, in particular in foreign language teaching, namely in teaching the English language. The article provides the information on one of the author’s study, which scientifi cally records the development of creativity in factors such as fl uency, fl exibility and originality, as well as pupils’ attitude towards this phenomenon; the author has also attempted to identify the personality traits determining the development of creativity. The fi ndings of this natural experiment are quantitatively processed and qualitatively interpreted. Issuing from the research fi ndings, the author formulates conclusions for theory, methodology and educational practice. The leitmotif of the article is the idea that the age of adolescence is suitable not only for the development of critical and creative thinking but it is also an opportunity to incorporate these phenomena into the value system of contemporary youth.




creativity, value, creativity as ultimate and instrumental value, creativity as ultimate and instrumental value, adolescence, cognitive, experiment, research findings and interpretation, research


Studia Edukacyjne, nr 25, 2013, s. 243-268




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