Teoria imputacji wartości

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The Theory of Imputation


Contemporary Polish economists defend the view that — despite the conduisions reached by Marx — social economy is a commodity economy and hence is subjected to the law of values. In this article the author tries to show that even today this view lacks logical theoretical justification. For this purpose he submits the theory to detailed criticism, according to which 1) the means of individual consumption, which are distributed within the national sector, are the real commodities in the full marxist sense of this definition, 2) the value which these means of consumption possess, since they are commodities, impute to pseudo- -commodities means of production which circulate within the national sector. The author of the article charges the inventors and supporters of the theory of imputation of values with not discerning the difference between personal properties and private properties, and claims that confusing the criteria of classification leads to the transformation of such historical categories of law and economics, such as private properties, commodities, values etc., into a category of no historical classiification. Another serious charge made against the supporters of the imputation theory is that instead of production relations they make distribution relations a determinant in the problem of commodities in socialist economy and of the law of values active within it, which is contrary to the materialistic-dialectic approach, leading to a procedure which is just the reverse. In summing up his analysis the author expresses the opinion that Polish science cannot be harmed by the knowledge that the general conviction of the commodity character of socialist economy and its subjection to the law of values has not yet been proved by economic theory but is still based on general empiric interpretation, relating rather to the technical aspect of economic process than to its social form.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 30, 1968, z. 1, s. 171-190



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