Próba rekonstrukcji schematów reprodukcji Marksa. Proporcje gospodarcze i warunki wzrostu

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The Attempt at Reconstruction of the Reproduction Schemes of Marx Economic Proportions and Development Conditions


The article consists in the attempt at reconstruction of Marxian schemes of reproduction and finding on that basis, a solution to the following problems: 1) finding formulae presenting in what way the equilibrium conditions depend on the organic composition of capital, the rate of surplus value, and the coefficient of accumulation (or capitalistic consumption); 2) reformulating numerical examples of Marx in such a way as to free them from objections; 3) finding an answer to the query why in the Marxian numerical example, the sector I reveals the higher growth than the sector II in the first period and then they two grow at the same rate. The attempt at solving those problems allowed to draw a number of conclusions concerning the activity of destabilizing and stabilizing forces in the capitalist economy the law of value, limits within which proportions of the distribution of resources between the sectors can change and the theory of economic growth.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 48, 1986, z. 3, s. 183-203



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