Rewaloryzacja i waloryzacja świadczeń rentowych i emerytalnych w świetle reformy z grudnia 1982 r.

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Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM

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Revalorization and valorization of pension benefits in light of the reform of December 1982


A development of pension scheme system in the People's Poland has heavily depended on the economic situation of the country and barely followed increase in costs of living and in wages. A lack of built-in system mechanisms adjusting level of pension benefits to level of wages or cost of living indices resulted in a discontinuous development of the pension system which in turn led to a further discrepancies in levels of pensions and wages. Revalorization of all previous pension benefits is thus a basic achievement of the Dec. 1982 pension reform. The previous benefits are to equal in three subsequent stages (up to Jan. 1, 1985), the level of the presently granted benefits, the built-in valorisation mechanisms are to be introduced starting from Jan. 1, 1986. Revalorisation of the previously granted pension benefits was carried out tin two areas. Basis of assessment of all previous pensions was revalorized proportionally to the period of time from the date of their granting, also a value of pension benefits was recalculated with an application of increased (to 3000 zł) degression value and increased percentage indices for particular types of pension benefits and pension allowances. Revalorization of wages as a basis of assessment of pension comprised the inclusion of compensations paid after the 1861 and 1982 increases of prices of consumption goods. This however, resulted in a reduction of value of dependents' pensions, especially in a numerous families which can raise abjections. The degression threshold moreover, has been situated on a too low level equaling only 60% of a lowest pension which gives occasion to include pensions calculated on a basis of wages even 50% higher from the lowest ones to the portfolio of lowest pensions (as regards dependents' pensions). Rules of valorization to be introduced in future are correct, especially the adoption of the so called valorization ratio can maintain a stable relation between a pension and a basis of its assessment, in spite of increases in wages being a basis of valorization. What is raising objections though, is putting off a date of introduction a yearly valorization scheme to Jan. 1, 1986. A further increase of costs of living and wages must be accounted for in the present situation of economic crisis and rapidly developing inflation. Further discrepancies in levels of pensions calculated on the basis of 1982 indices vs. levelsof dynamically growing wages will eventually make the 1986 valorisation operation economically difficult.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 45, 1983, z. 4, s. 25-39



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