Socjologiczna analiza religijności polskich gimnazjalistów

dc.contributor.authorBaniak, Józef
dc.description.abstractJózef Baniak – A SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF RELIGIOSITY OF STUDENTS IN POLISH GYMNASIUMS In this article I present the results my own sociological investigations, which portray the declarations of religious beliefs and religious practices of the youth in secondary schools from cities and hamlets in the Kalisz region. I did my research among 955 secondary school pupils, this includes a number of 636 females and 319 males. Predominant majority of respondents declared a relation towards Catholicism, similarly majority declares also basic religious practic-es, this includes a participation in obligatory Sunday mass. The religious respondents also par-ticipate regularly in religion lessons in their own schools. On the other hand, my investigations showed, that religious belief and cult practices do not play a significant role in personal and social life of questioned males and females. Religious beliefs, accepted by this youth do not stand in relation with their attitudes and moral behavior. This relation may be observed only among deeply religious people. The examined secondary school youth have a very rudimentary religious knowledge, a large percentage of them doesn’t know the basic religious prayers, prin-ciples of Christian belief and the moral principles of Decalogue. The level of their religious consciousness is low, and even very low among religiously indifferent people. Considerable percentage of them clearly steps aside from the Church, its religious teachings are being disre-garded as well its ethical principles.pl_PL
dc.identifier.citationPrzegląd Religioznawczy, 2010, nr 1, ss. 99-118pl_PL
dc.publisherPolskie Towarzystwo Religioznawczepl_PL
dc.titleSocjologiczna analiza religijności polskich gimnazjalistówpl_PL


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