Gospodarka narodowa Polski. Próba oceny i warunki postępu

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National Economy of Poland. An Attempt of Appraisal and Conditions of Progress


An attempt has been undertaken to view the present state of Poland's economy in a retrospective of the latest decade 1970 - 1980. The diagnosis embraces so registration of symptoms of a crisis, as causal analysis of situation worsening. In the second part of the article main conditions and ways of crisis' overcoming have been shown. There are following basic theses of the elaboration: a) the high dynamics of development in the years 1971 - 1975 was an apparent dynamics. It was not the effects dynamics but dynamics of expenditures, which did not produce expected effects; b) economic policy in the years 1976 - 1980 was full inconsistency towards still more visible symptoms of crisis accretion. It caused still deeper disproportions and the continuation of growth of the country's indebtedness; c) a main reason of discrepancies between the program and its realization was an unproper way of economy's management, causing imbalance and uneffectiveness. Such a system caused bad economy of enterprises and it weakend centrali planning. It led to the loss of state's sovereignaty over economy; d) a basic condition of extrication from the crisis is a change in the national economy functioning system, consisting in the state's withdrawal from performing „manager's" functions in favor of „regulating" functions and in introduction of a broad economic autonomy of enterpises; e) there are following premisses of the reform success: abolishment of the hither-to existing economy's institutional structure, creation of a climate promoting rational economic choice, decrease in production costa and innovation and reproduction processes in enterprises, proceeding from the ranks of the workers. The author represents then a view, that the introduction of the economic reform cannot be postponed until the moment of balance attainment, because the present system is incapable of this.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 43, 1981, z. 1, s. 1-10



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