Kierunki zmian strukturalnych na rynku dóbr konsumpcyjnych

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Directions of Structural Changes of Consumer Goods Market


To the most important bases of organizational solutions on consumer goods market belong guiding intentions of steering it towards a certain direction. Anxiety for producing and renderring accessible use values to consumers and permanent aiming at current market equilibrium are among these intentions. Structural changes, that are taken up for better harmonization of supply with demand for consumer goods, should take into account definite premisses of action. A great complexity of the market as well as of grasping the permanent production-processing-commercial process as a whdle, that is influenced by one, common guiding motivation, should also be taken into account. It is also worth of having in mind the accompanying phenomenon of uncertainty, which calls for protection against risk, not only of purely commercial risk, but — in general — of market one, that occurs still in the sphere of industry. Securing the main objects of market policy is favoured by development and consolidation of big sectors — „industrial- -trade-service" complexes within the national economy with the task of comprehensive and full service of a definite kind of society's material needs. Co-existence of many producers of the same commodity is of big importance here. Under competitive conditions particular market participants are forced to adjust themselves to changing demand-supply relationships. Uncertainty and impendency are indispensable conditions of efficient harmonization of supply with demand, when all customers' preferences considered i.e type, guantity and quality of goods, place, time and way of purchase as well as accompanying assortment. The role should be finally pointed out of small enterprises on the market, which show necessary activity and elasticity.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 43, 1981, z. 1, s. 11-20



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