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Economic applications of calculating machines


The introduction of the article is a classification of calculating machines together with a discussion on those features of each group of machines important to operators. The different groups are: I mechanical machines (two and four operational, and accounting and invoicing machines), II calculating machines — analitical (with auxilliary, basic and complimentary partitions), III computers (analogical and digits, among which are machines for converting data numerical calculations and machines for operating and controlling processes). After a general review of various types of machines we come to the point of discussion — economical application of calculating machines, the term economical being in the sense of economize. Statics show the advantage of using various types of machines, an advantage which grows, with the increasing degree of mechanism and automation. The difficult in gauging all the economical effects gained must be emphasized. The economical application of calculating machines can also be understood in the sense applied in economy or as used by economists. The second part of this article is devoted to this problem. Whereas non-electronic machines are used mainly in mechanization of records in enterprises, with electronic machines macroeconomics can be differentiated from microeconomics. In each of them a different approach is necessary to convert data in comparison to numerical calculations. By specifying the concrete applications, within these four groups, in the work in enterprises and institutes, we can asses the posibilites of applying the latest achievements in automatization of calculations. In discussing the anticipated trends of development of electronic digit machines the author portrays the perspectives in this field and the -tasks facing economists.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 29, 1967, z. 4, s. 203-213



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