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Premises of Choice of the Economic Objective of Quality Control


The main economic objectives of an integrated system of quality control can be formulated as follows: 1) Choice of an optimal level of utility value of the new or modernized products; 2) Shaping the assortment proportions of the particular groups of complementary and substitute products constituting in some exploitation circles the common utility system; 3) Proper management of the process of production and elimination of possible deviations from the quality desirable and determined by the obligatory working and constructional plans; 4) Minimization of losses born by the producers, user and the whole economy as a result of inadequate choice of quality type and different — in comparison with documentation — realization of product in the technological procesis or during transportation and storage. Quality control understood as modelling of the procesis of shaping the products utility as well as the full utilization of products by users in the particular exploitation circles has to comply at least two requirements: The first from them of praxiological character is marked by the efficiency of actions undertaken towards achieving the designed ends in the form of previously defined utility effects. The second one of economic character is conditioned by minimization of the essential inputs and costs. The authoress of this article attempts to define the requirements of utility value quantification and the expenditures connected with its production and utilization.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 35, 1973, z. 4, s. 169-185



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