Problemy kształtowania się więzi integracyjnych w spółdzielczości mleczarskiej w Polsce

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Conditions for the integration process among milk cooperatives in Poland


The purpose of the paper was to present the conditions and possibilities of integration of milk cooperatives in the sphere of distribution. Two research hypotheses have been therefore considered: 1. Lack of own distribution network as an element which limits efficient management in milk cooperatives. 2. Integrated distribution channels providing an opportunity of good performance and development of milk cooperatives at different levels of economic development. The paper describes negative effects resulting from the lack of functional relations among milk cooperatives. They apply to milk producers as well as food processors and consumers. Next, external conditions influencing the need for such integration in milk cooperatives have been identified. That need is created by the international environment and a number of factors including economic, legal, production, technical/technological and organisational. Therefore, different models of theoretical integration of milk cooperatives in the sphere of distribution have been presented: (1) a financial holding; (2) a cooperative milk business association or a cooperative distribution company . That integration may be vertical or horizontal. Strengths and weaknesses of those models have been presented and the basis for the motivation system for the functioning of those relations has been described. Implementation of the proposed concept might improve competitiveness of milk cooperatives, provide protection of consumers' rights and a protection of a number of milk products from being eliminated from the market. The last is of a particular importance in the activation of rural areas.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 57, 1995, z. 3, s. 95-108



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