Rozwód: wyzwanie wobec norm społecznych?

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Divorce — a challenge against social norms?


The author tries to answer the query whether divorce is a challenge against social norms guarding the stability and indissolubility of marriage. The full and explicit answer can not be offered on account of the lack of complex research in that subject in Poland, particularly there have been no opinion polls on divorce and divorcees. The secondary analysis of the previous research and statistical data still shows the interesting trends in that field. Firstly, it can be indicated that a local control, especially in rural communities is still existing, persons making the divorce decisions must take account of it. It seems to be manifested in the relatively low divorce index in Poland (on the level of 1,1-1,2 per thousand inhabitants), and particularly in villages (0,4). Other tendencies observed are trends to isolate onself and be isolated in course of fostering marriage conflicts, accompanying propensity to create acquaintance and comrade circles constituted of divorced persons, making divorce decisions without consulting them in the closest circles, methods of rationalizing divorce decisions, the mostly quoted motives are unfaithfulness and alcoholism of the spouse, a large proportion of the divorced is taking part in religious practices (63% males and 82% females), majority of women is not concluding the second matrimony, number of suicised is fourth times higher among the divorced ete. At the same time though some symptoms can be observed indicating thai those norms started to be broken. It can be proved by the relatively high dynamics of the divorce increase in Poland (the index has risen 3-times for the last 3© years, in relation to 1950), the indexes for the big cities are 6- times higher in relation to the indexes in villages, a number of women bringing a divorce action tends to increase, too large a number of divorces among persons who received the scientific degree or gratifying the divorcees in the past with possibilities of a promotion to higher office.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 47, 1985, z. 3, s. 325-335



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