Tendencje rozwojowe społecznego funduszu konsumpcji w Polsce

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Developmental Tendencies of the National Income for Consumption


National income for consumption is distributed in the form of money and in kind. The proportions between the two mentioned values allow us to state the purpose of such distribution. In the years 1965 - 1971 occurred an increase of benefits from the national income for consumption by 50 mld zloties. Funds in kind constituted almost 60°/o of benefits from the national income for consumption, but their share in the general benefits is slowly decreasing. In the studied period cash benefits increased more quickly than benefits in kind. It seems that together with an increase of the importance of wages — as a basis for compemsation national income for consumption will show a diminishing tendency. This is particularly reffered to benefits in kind because their excessive increase may lead to the waste of funds (e. g. medicines) national income for consumption realized by enterprise has an influence on the staff stabilization and creates basis for more efficient labour. However, different financial possibilities of firms as well as the policy of extra charges from the national budget cause differences in this kind of benefits. They are mostly concentrated in mining industry, heavy industry and chemical industry. They are small in the light industry and food industry — the sphere of non-material production is almost overlooked.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 35, 1973, z. 3, s. 121-131



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