Aktywność innowacyjna w ujęciu socjologicznym

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Sociological approach to innovational activity


The sociological approach to innovation is discussed in the context of its other aspects: technical, economic, legal and psychological ones. It is assumed that social setting of contradiction or lacuna, occuring and being solved is the essence of sociological perspective. The setting consists both of relations assigned organizationally and of those more spontaneous, regulated and shaped in groups, group conformities and social conditioning of innovational activities. The basic values are defined for its analysis types shape of a course, form object and functions (kinds), intensiveness, mass scale, profit; rank, degree of complexity, prosperity, success and continuance. Three various types are characterized in detail: 1) significant innovational activity in the legal meaning, 2) innovations partially defined by law, 3) innovational activity indifferent in the light of law or even conducted contra legem. On account on the divergences of shape of innovational course, eight classes of this value are defined and characterized. On discussing a form of innovation it is pointed that its individual character is dominating upon the collective one in the industrial labor saving movement. The dominating parts are also played by technological-constructional and technological kinds of innovation. Presented values are discussed in the aspect of their substance and empirical results of a study.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 45, 1983, z. 3, s. 215-236



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