Postawy polskich dziennikarzy wobec aktorów politycznych: badania empiryczne

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The aim of the paper is to compare the findings of selected surveys conducted among Polish jour- nalists with the findings of a newspaper content analysis. The findings of the surveys showed differ- ences between different generations of journalists. Specifically, those who entered the profession right after the political transition in the early 1990s seem more interested in playing the role of watchdog than those who have recently graduated from universities. Although the youngest generation of Polish journalists believes that the media should monitor political actors, they do not seem very interested in playing that role. The findings of the content analysis showed that Polish journalists pay significant attention to monitoring the policy and performance of political actors. The study supports previous observations on the high level of political parallelism of the Polish media system.



Praca finansowana ze środków Narodowego Centrum Nauki, grant nr 2015/18/M/HS5/00080.


journalists,, political actors, watchdog model, dziennikarze, aktorzy polityczni


Przegląd Politologiczny, nr 1/2017, s. 127-141.


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