Zakres funkcji socjalizacyjno-wychowawczej rodziny

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The scope of socialization-educational function of a family


The purpose of this article is to determine the scope of one of more important functions of a family, i.e. the socialization-educational function. Therefore, it was necessary to explain and specify the notions of „function", „socialization" and .,education" as well as to list more important definitions of these notions presented in the literature. Taking into account general considerations on the notion of „function" contained in her article, the author proposes to define „the function of the family" as the totality of the family's activities and consequences of these activities which contribute to carrying out the tasks the family is to fulfil. In turn, the essence and content? of the socialization-educational function is the implementation of the following tasks: 1) transfering and acquiring material and spiritual cultural heritage; 2) transfering and acquiring the native language; 3) determining, transfering and acquring the system of values; 4) determining, transfering and acquiring the means by which the desired values may be achieved and providing motivation for activities; 5) determining, transfering and acquiring the models of behaviours together with the capacity to perform various social roles inside and outside the family; 6) controlling and evaluating behaviours of family members and applying sanctions.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 51, 1989, z. 4, s. 343-355.



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