O ewolucji hipotez i modeli wydatków ludności

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Evolution of the Hypotheses and Models of Expenditure of Population


Several non-marxist hypotheses and models of consumers' demand founded on these hypotheses are not useful any longer even in the western exports' opinion. This caused a verification of former views. The national economy is now regarded as a socially and naturally conditioned coherent economic system. Besides some undoubtedly useful catagories taken over from the neoclassics, from the representatives of subjective marginalism, of Keynesism, attention was given to objective socio-economic research in consumers' demand. The contemporary non-marxist economic models of consumers' demand reflect this trend. Functional relations of individual expenditure and income that take into account the influence of various factors, time as well as spatial factors, are the essence of economic models based on hypotheses of absolute, relative or fixed income. Research in those models helped to gain definite results, and above all to evolve a relatively independent methodological attitude. During the evolution of the analysis of consumers' demand a tendency to its practical application and bringing it nearer to the practice of the state monopolistic capitalism became obvious. This fact, as well as the class line of the ideologies of western research workers are reflected in several inexactly worded assumptions above all those regarding the influence of social status and place in the process of production upon the covering of needs. This results in incompetence for solving the contradictions between production and consumption.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 34, 1972, z. 2, s. 111-123



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