Kształtowanie się dochodowości gospodarstw chłopskich w zależności od obszaru gospodarstwa

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Dependence between income of individual farmers and the area of farms


The article presents the dependence between farmers' income calculated per 1 farm, 1 person and 1 ha of arable land and the size of a farm, together with the changes in the above indexes, causes of those changes and the sources of income. The analyses indicate that the income calculated per 1 farm and 1 person increases together with the growth of area and dicreases when calculated per 1 ha of arable land. The above processes are determined by the outlays of labour and equipment and by relations between various productive factors. The following data may serve as an example. Whereas there is a ninefold difference between the average area of farms over 15 ha and farms under 3 ha, the difference between the outlays of labour is only twofold, and between the outlays of equipment — fivefold. The increase of both types of outlays, although it contributes to the growth of the scale of production, is insufficient as compared with the increase of the size of farms. In consequence, those outlays, when calculated per 1 ha of arable land, diminish together with the increase of area, bringing about a simultaneous, though slower, decrease of productivity and income. However, if outlays are at the same level, the income brought by land increases together with owth of area of farms. It indicates that it is necessary to provide farms with more equipment and that providing the farms with means of production stops those negative processes.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 51, 1989, z. 1, s. 263-276.



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