Kształtowanie się funkcji drobnej wytwórczości w dwudziestopięcioleciu gospodarki Polski Ludowej

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Function of Small Industry in the 25 Years' Economic Period of People's Poland


Small industry classified as an individual organization comprises local multi- -line industry — excluding building material industry — of the state-owned sector, the total industrial activity — excluding dairy industry — as well as non-industrial services of labour co-operatives in the co-operative sector, and individual handcraft as well as private industry in the private sector. In addition small industry includes also economic activities of social organizations. Small industry as a collection of economic units is characterized by a great differentiation in the number of employees in enterprises and establishments, in types of activities, in means and even in economic purposes. Thus its functions understood as essential directions of activity, i.e. basic purposes, means and effects are not uniform for all the units of small industry. Provision of industrial services and of some non-industrial ones is the constant function of small industry, whose position was outstanding in the 25-years' period and continuons to be so. It is much the same as regards productions for the local market. Economic activation of manpower resources as well as a share in activation of the region and in production for the home market are the variable function of small industry.



Digitalizacja i deponowanie archiwalnych zeszytów RPEiS sfinansowane przez MNiSW w ramach realizacji umowy nr 541/P-DUN/2016



Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 32, 1970, z. 3, s. 171-185



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