Miejsce „Kapitału" Karola Marksa w rozwoju metodologii nauk ekonomicznych

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In the centennary issue of „Das Kapital"


The 50th anniversary of the October Revolution coincides with the centennial of the first issue of Marx's „Das Kapital", volume I. The history of marxism is that of a long struggle, not only theoretical but also practical, for a new social structure. Opponents of marxism have tried more than once to bury both he marxist theory and movement, to substitute the method of historical analysis of the economic phenomenon by that of functional-structural the analysis of the sociological aspects of economic life by practical prescription of decision of choice. Marx's method, however, has withstood the test of time and is (triumphant when confronted with western academic thought. „Das Kapital" is a work which fully exemplifies that in marxism which has endured despite the years. The relation of logical analysis with historical was exemplified here by a simple accidental and single form of exchange. In this very volume is illustrated the transformation of amount into quality on the example of the mechanism of appearance of the law of value, which inevitably leads to the law of additional values and the law of capitalist accumulation. Chapter XXIV of this volume is still valid, illustrating the form of primary accumulation. At the same time „Das Kapital" is a work which indubitably proves that even if mankind found traces of a law governing economic relations between man, it cannot ignore the historic stages but can only shorten the birth pains of a new creation. Western literature which so frequently proclaims, of this monumental work, that Marxism is ou-of-date, has nothing positive to offer in contrast, what's more this literature quietly borrows from Marxism postualtes for dynamic treatment of the economic phenomeno. One must agree with writer like Benedix and S. M. Lipset who claim that even after 100 years this theory is still fruitful.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 29, 1967, z. 4, s. 125-140



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