Społeczno-ekonomiczne uwarunkowania doboru partnerów do małżeństwa w NRF i Berlinie Zachodnim

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Socio-Economic Conditions and Selection of Partners to Marriage in the German Federal Republic and Western Berlin


The aim of the paper is to present the selection of partners to marriage, the spatial differentiation and the changing trends in the selection, as well as to characterize the influence of hypothetical factors upon the selection. Hypothetical demographic and socio-economic factors such as density of population, population structure according to various characteristics, amount of national income and housing resources are characterized in the first part. Special attention is given to a differentation of those factors in each federal state and to their dynamic changes in time. In the second part selection of partners to marriage is presented according to the cryteria of age, previous civil state, socio-occupational characteristics, religion and nationality. The author endeavours to catch the sinularities and differences in the federal states of GFR and to link them with the already mentioned demographic and socio-economic factors in those states. The smallest drop in the age of the bride and bridegroom and the smallest homogeneity of selection are noticed in the most densely populated states, where the social, production per head and per surface unit is the highest.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 34, 1972, z. 3, s. 195-225



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