Współczesne procesy inflacyjne a „przypadek" Polski (próba interpretacji teoretycznej)

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Contemporary inflationary processes and a „case" of Poland (an attempt at theoretical interpretation)


Theoretical explications of inflationary processes involve a qualitative and not solely a quantitative study. Contemporary inflation is rooted in inflatogenus traits of the two contemporary systems, especially in the conflict with aggravated conditions of economic activity. We do not overestimate the effect of exogenous cost-inflation related to the increase of oil prices. Inflation in the capitalist system is to a large extent consequent upon a high degree of instituionalizing and fixing budgetary expenses irrespectively of business trends and also upon the amount of social costs of system functioning in particular countries. Inflation in socialism is induced by the tendencies of other economic systems to foster increase of production costs and by the extensive expenditures anticipating future overestimated effects. The inflation in the socialist countries is usually of a bi-segmental character i.e. there is a deferred effective demand occurring apart of the inflation rate. Inflation in Poland is an example of a particular interaction of inflatiogenous factors, typical for both of the systems. It requires to be reduced to the one-segment type by means of securing market equilibrium as a prerequisite of economic effectiveness.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 45, 1983, z. 4, s. 145-158



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