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Inquiry in a theory of growth of underdeveloped countries


This paper presents the opinions of economists — especially Polish — of socialist countries concerning the directions and methods of economic growth in underdeveloped countries. The author mentions a number of policy problems (methodological, theoretical and economic) which are essential to the formulation of the theory of general growth of underdeveloped countries. The questions under consideration are as follows: 1) the role of the State and public sector and the significance of economic planning in the growth of underdeveloped countries; 2) the specific character of „mixed economy" and its laws of development, particularly with regard to Kalecki's and Lange's models; 3) the problem of employment and the choice of proper production techniques both in over and under populated countries; 4) the models of agricultural and industrialization policies. The author tries to show that achievements in economic science are in this field considerable and that they represent a complete and consistent system of views. The works of marxist authors contain both empirical and statistical studies and the attempts at theoretical generalization which have been constantly confronted with the existing economic practice of the third world countries.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 29, 1967, z. 1, s. 199-223



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