Planowanie rozwoju na Wschodzie jako przykład dla Południa

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Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM

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Development Planning by the East as an Example for the South


The aim of the world development policy must be to accelerate the growth of per capita income of the developing countries (the South) to such an extent that it will exceed the growth of the developed countries, both of the East (socialist countries) and of the West. This policy require transfers of capital and know-how from the rich to the poor countries, structural changes in the world economy leading to a mew international division of labour supported by appropriate trade policies. The experience of the socialist countries, and especially of the Soviet Union, with regard to the methods and technique of planning used in the past period of administrative planning had, for various reasons, a limited value for the developing countries. The highly centralized and detailed policy which characterized this period i. a. limited the transferability of the planning practice of the East to the South. Another reason why the significance of Soviet experience in that period was limited, was the policy of economic autarchy. With the end of the period of administrative economic policy in the East the economic reforms which have already taken place, or which are at the moment in execution give greater freedom to individual enterprises and aim at influencing their decisions in a more indirect manner. These changes have lead to a greater interest in the correct determination of the main outlines of economic development. The problems of the choice of an optimum rate of growth and optimum proportions in the economic structure have now come more to the foreground. New criteria are being sought for measuring the effectiveness of new investments. In the field of international trade, the principles for an international division of labour, international co-operation and planning are being studied and elaborated-. It is therefore understandable that the developing countries automatically turn their eyes towards the development efforts of socialist countries. But the problems and methods of development planning have a general character and are becoming common to the countries of the East, South and of the West. The actual choice of instruments of economic policy, however, might differ. The fact that the programming methods of East and West are also showing more similarities is something that the author should like to regard as a result of the universality, that is characterisic of every scientific method. Its use also offers the best chance of East, West and South coming together



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 30, 1968, z. 1, s. 135-142



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