Współzależność migracji i reprodukcji ludności

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The author tries to answer the following five questions: 1) How the reproduction of population influences the migration and especially the emigration? 2) How in the receiving areas the natural increase and reproduction of the immigrants develop? 3) How the socio-demographic mechanisms modify the fertility and mortality patterns of the immigrants? 4) How the initial migration and fertility patterns of the immigrants influence their further migration? 5) How the migration influences the reproduction of population in the long run? He has found everywhere the positive influence of the natural increase upon emigration and the negative influence upon the immigration and net-immigrations. Those relationships are .being perturbed by strong influences of the socio-economic and natural factors such as: great demand for labour force in the regional markets, increase in housing resources in newly industrialized districts, favourable climatic conditions and so on. He has concluded the following: the migration diminishes the fertility of the migrants partly directly or indirectly by the further migration combined with the first migration, partly by the migration associated with the social mobility. In the long run the flows of migrants from the rural areas to the urban areas, from small towns to the bigger ones, from less developed to more developed regions, seldom in the opposite direction, equate fertility and reproduction, generally on a lower level.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 36, 1974, z. 4, s. 189-208



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