Konflikt dóbr i kolizja norm

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A conflict of goods and a collision of norms


In the process of applying the law there often appears the need to settle a conflict of goods. A conflict of goods is a symptom of a collision of legal norms. Norms ordering to protect or realize some good (legal principles) are marked with a specific feature, i.e. their realisation is graduable. Settling a collision of principles, unlike settling a collision of rules, does not lead to recognizing one of colliding principles as non-valid. The way of settling a collision of goods depends not only on a determined in abstracto hierarchical position of particular goods, but also on weight which should be ascribed to particular goods in certain circumstances. A hierarchical position of goods is determined in abstracto, whereas weight may be ascribed to them in specific factual circumstances. Weight of a goods is relative, i.e. it may be determined only in relation to another good in a given factual situation. One may formulate some minimum requirements for settling conflicts of goods. Firstly, colliding goods should be properly identified and should be of legal character. Secondly, a hierarchical position of goods should be properly determined. Thirdly, criteria of ascribing proper weight to some goods in a given situation should be formulated and justified. They should be of generic character and the application of those criteria should be based on properly determined facts. The above requirements are of legal character, and a control based on those requirements is concerned with legality of a decision settling conflicts of goods.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 51, 1989, z. 1, s. 1-15.



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