Społeczne i ekonomiczne podstawy reformy planowania

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Social and economic bases of the planning reform


The article aims at presentation of the essential social and economic bases of the presently promoted reform of the planning system, the are to become its foundations according to numerous legal acts presently enacted. The issue is discussed against a certain requisite historical background in order to indicate at innovatory and progressive solutions of the present reform of planning and to maintain or refute several solutions introduced by the previous reforms. The article begins with a concise presentation of main goals and premises of the previous reforms and of the present one, what is reulted from incomplete execution of reformatory postulates which is not entirely in accordance with the adopted final solutions. The four basic canons are the core of the study. They are to become foundations of the present reform of the planning system. I.e. 1) socializing of the planning system, 2) independence of enterprises in plannig, 3) parametricality of planning activities, 4) two level planning system. The said canons used to become the subject of reformatory postulates in the past, but the discussed reform is making account of them in asubstantially wider range as compared to the formen reforms and the present solutions have the traits of conceptual progress. It does not mean though that a capacity of model solutions in each of the four canons have been exhausted and there are no bolder systematic solutions to be introduced. The latter are indicated in the present article.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 47, 1985, z. 2, s. 163-188



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