Metodologiczne aspekty rozwoju ekonomiki transportu

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Methodological Aspects of Transport Economics


The progress in the sphere of transportation economic phenomena depends on improvement of methodological foundations of transport economics, that is composed of elements of general methodology and methodology of economic science and of a set of methodological problems appropriate for economic problems of transportation. Methodological aspects of development of transport economics resolve themselves into two questions: choice of general assumptions and methodological instructions in the sphere of basic research procedures and systematization of existing scientific output. In transport economics improving the first of the two basic research procedures, i.e. the settlement of scientific laws and theories, should consist in broader utilization of hypoithetistic approach, so in aiming at hypotheses and statements formulation of great informative power. It concerns above all the research on general regularities in transportation and macro-economic regularities occurring between transport and national economy. Also respecting the second basic procedure — justification and verfication of statements and theories — extension of the scope of hypothetistic approach can give advantageous results. Accepting, that falsification of statements and theories is a task of verification procedure, could promote the adequacy and more precise determination of utilization scope in transport economics. À level of logical arrangement and maturity of statements and theories of transport economics depends on principles of science systematization, which are formulated by methodology. The recent level of economic science systematization within the sphere of transport is not satisfactory. Thus a need is indicated of extending the level of logical co-ordination of transport economics statements on the ground of methodological principles, that are generally accepted in science.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 43, 1981, z. 3, s. 205-215



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