Czynniki wpływające na koncentrację obrotu magazynowego

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Factors Influencing the Concentration of Storage Turnover


At the beginning of this article the significance of storage for the correct development of industry and for the commodity circulation has been stated. One of the important problems concerning storage is the establishment of some factors which influence the concentration of commodity circulation. This concentration makes possible the introduction of various organizational and technical solutions the application of which (with a small storage turnover) would not be economically justified. Worth mentioning is the fact that the concentration of storage turnover is influenced by different factors which produce different effects and which have different (or even opposite) impact directions. That is why it is necessary to define the force and direction of every factor on which the degree of concentration of storage turnover economically depends. There is a large number of factors influencing the concentration of storage turnover but the article mentions only the most important ones. After the discussion of these factors their influence on the concentration of storage turnover has been proved. The paper ends with the presentation of its results and drawing of some final conclusions.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 35, 1973, z. 3, s. 141-159



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