School and Cultural Assimilation: Dimensions of Assimilation Politics in Education

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In this paper a crucial issue is being discussed which emerges in the context of progressing diversity of the schooling environment, as well the whole public sphere in general, i.e. cultural assimilation. This problem is to be addressed analytically through the means of pedagogical, socio- cultural and geopolitical discourse which prevails today in many Western countries and local debates on the nature of contemporary societies. Thus, we may look at the relation between schools and assimilation processes in its complexity and reveal how individuals objectified in those processes experience various assimilation policies. The politics of assimilation is however closely related to particular forms of shaping and understanding of the category of cultural difference. That link is being investigated in many of its manifestations. This paper takes also the aim to reconstruct the most significant tendencies in the politics of multiculturalism and to highlight the role of pedagogical and educational reflexivity in that regard. The necessity of an interdisciplinary approach is here taken as an important factor not just in the debate on contemporary state and philosophy of diversity, but furthermore – a specific signum temporis of modern educational studies.




diversity, multiculturalism, cultural assimilation, school, assimilation politics


Drozdowicz J., School and Cultural Assimilation: Dimensions of Assimilation Politics in Education. W: In Search of Academic Excellence Social Sciences and Humanities in Focus (Vol. I). Frankfurt: Peter Lang GmbH Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2022, pp. 161-179.




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