Przesłanki i bariery realizacji reformy gospodarczej w warunkach nierównowagi rynkowej

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Prerequisites of and obstacles to implementing the economic reform in conditions of unbalanced market


Assuming that the economic reform in Poland is the process encompassing the whole system, the author attempts to present the causative factors of both accomplishments and difficulties in implementing the reform. Having carried out a comprehensive theoretical and empirical analysis of the unbalanced market and of the producer's market as the main barriers for harmonious and dynamic socio-economical development of the country, the author justifies the thesis that the causes of the existence of those obstacles should not be sought only in hitherto applied systems of managing the economy, since those barriers existed both before the introduction of the economic reform as well as during its functioning. Further parts of the article are concerned with the sources of the lack of the economical balance of the country, both dependent and independent of the economic reform. Much attention has been devoted to the problems of the areas into which the reform has been introduced and of those which remain beyond its reach. Taking the contribution of the State budget to the national income, its section-branch structure and the directions of distribution as the measures delimiting those areas, the author states that in order to redress the market balance the economic reform should be introduced also to other areas and that most of the present budgetary units should be subordinated to the direct production sphere. It means that the incomes of such units must be placed in the phase of the primary distribution of the national income to a greater extent than it has been so far. It should be favourable to the improvement of supply, the structure of employment and to social productivity



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 49, 1987, z. 2, s. 155-172






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