Środkowoeuropejskie Studia Polityczne, 2012, nr 4

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    Misje wojskowe Unii Europejskiej w Afryce
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Mikhalev, Oleg
    The author discusses EU military missions in Africa carried out within the framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Making reference to five African missions he analyzes the experience generated by these operations and tries to explain to what extent they might have been conducive to further commitment of the EU in crisis management in Africa. In his opinion, in the future the EU will con- tinue to be present in Africa, yet it is hardly to be expected that its missions will qualitatively differ from present operations.
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    Sytuacja społeczno-polityczna osób niepełnosprawnych w III RP
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Bilińska, Inez; Ossowski, Szymon
    The paper discusses and illustrates the most significant issues related to the functioning of the disabled in the social and political dimensions. The evolution of social attitudes to people with disabilities over the centuries is shown. The paper discusses the matters of how Poles perceive disability, the solutions in the electoral code and other legal acts and documents, and increasingly frequent social awareness campaigns that are aimed to encourage the disabled to vote in elections, which all have a beneficial impact on the process of activization of the disabled as rightful citizens. The paper is interdisciplinary, encompassing the points of view of a researcher dealing with physiotherapy and that of a researcher into political science, making it unique.
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    Biopolityka wobec wyzwań postępu technologicznego w medycynie
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Skrzypczak, Jędrzej
    The issues associated with biopolitics are the cause of great controversies, making the concept almost ‘taboo’ these days. Current progress in medical technology has brought immense benefits to the whole of humanity, but it can also cause threats. The subject of this paper is to draw readers’ attention to the issues and threats related to the progress of medical technology. Biopolitics has produced various, frequently perilous, outcomes, therefore it is emphasized that biopolitical phenomena should always have a legal and moral dimension. In many cases, the realm of human biology and nature is impacted to an inconceivable degree, thus biopolitics is challenged by having to answer many significant questions, requiring the development of a cohesive state policy in this field and the provision of a legal framework for such activities.
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    Własność intelektualna w kontekście funkcjonowania uczelni wyższej w Polsce (część 1)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Narożna, Dominika
    Polish higher education institutions are facing the task of managing issues of intellectual property protection. This task is imposed on them by law in Article 86 c of the Law of March 18, 2011 on the amendment to the Law on higher education, the Act on academic degrees and titles and degrees and degrees and titles in art and some other acts. The topicality of this issue has encouraged the author of the paper to discuss copyright, plagiarism and to indicate certain manners of using academic works.
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    Мировой финансово-экономический кризис как детерминанта внешнеполитической стратегии КНР
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Шевчук, Александр В.
    The paper discusses the current financial and economic crisis as one of the determining factors of the foreign policy of the People’s Republic of China. The author contemplates what influence the crisis may exert on the global balance of power. As regards the future global position and role of China, he refers to the opinions and prognoses of researchers and experts in international relations such as R. D. Kaplan, Z. Brzezinski, G. Friedman, H. Kissinger, J. Nye Jr. and others, showing the issue in a broader, geopolitical context.
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    Przymus wyborczy a legitymizacja władzy politycznej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Rachwał, Marcin
    One of the gravest problems of modern democracies is undoubtedly low electoral turnout. Numerous states try to prevent low turnout in different ways. One method to increase it may involve the introduction of compulsory voting, which is a legally regulated prescript to participate in an election. The principal goal of this paper is to attempt to answer the question of whether imposing compulsory voting, and thus obtaining a higher voter turnout, increases the legitimization of representative bodies. The issue of imposing compulsory voting is controversial and does not necessarily have to provide an effective solution to diminishing voter turnout. This is particularly valid for Central and Eastern European states, where imposing an obligation to vote on citizens can be contrary to saving democracy and the legitimization of public authorities. There is a risk that the citizens of countries that found themselves in the orbit of the Soviet Union after WWII may associate compulsory voting with their undemocratic past and as another attack on their rights.
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    The Articulation and Implementation of Ecological Interests in the Authoritarian Model
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Runc, Julita
    W systemach autorytarnych (niedemokratycznych) władza pod wpływem nacisków oddolnych niezależnych ruchów ekologicznych może zweryfikować swoje stanowisko traktując postulaty ochrony środowiska jako quasi polityczne, a nie stricte polityczne. Systemy autorytarne respektują interesy ekologiczne pod wpływem nacisków oddolnych, a nieautorytarne w wyniku polaryzacji opinii społecznej, która przekształciła się w formę nacisku demokratycznego. Istotną cechą autorytaryzmu jest jego złożoność, syndromatyczność. Określone przekonania i tendencje nie występują w sposób wyizolowany. Większość badań wskazuje na silną korelację między poszczególnymi elementami autorytarnego syndromu u osób żyjących w różnych kulturach, aczkolwiek można zaobserwować pewną zmienność w zakresie najbardziej charakterystycznych jego rysów w różnych społeczeństwach. Jednym z istotnych rysów autorytaryzmu jest silne przekonanie o respektowaniu władzy i połączona z nim potrzeba podporządkowania się władzy. Autorytaryzm pozostaje w związku z poglądami i postawami dotyczącymi określonego systemu politycznego i nie jest z nim tożsamy (1). Stosunek państwo–obywatel to jedna z podstawowych kategorii w teoriach społeczeństwa obywatelskiego. W państwach autorytarnych, czy totalitarnych społeczeństwo walczy z państwem o swoje prawa.
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    Temat polityczny w sztuce krytycznej na przykładzie Fear and Trembling Grzegorza Klamana
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Lorenc, Magdalena
    The objective of the paper is to emphasize political themes as inspiration for artists and an interpretational key for the works of so-called critical art, based on the example of Fear and Trembling by Grzegorz Klaman from 2007. The analysis concerns the installation and its exhibition context of the third review of modern art, Mediations Biennale, entitled Niepojmowalne/The Unknown, held in Poznań, Poland, from September 14 to October 14, 2012. Fear and Trembling refers to Søren Kierkegaard’s book by the same title from 1843. The issue tackled by the Danish philosopher, and referred to by the Polish artist, concerns the relation between ethics and faith. Klaman’s installation is a form of statement about a reality where one’s religious outlook has a bearing on one’s political decisions and can lead to armed conflict. Examples of religious arguments used in order to justify violence are provided, among others, by the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict over Palestine.
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    Средства массовой информации и формирование европейского мышления
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Cisak, Wojciech; Shklyar, Volodymyr
    The paper discusses the issues of Ukraine’s integration with the European Union and the situation of the country walking this long road. The authors present the advantages and disadvantages of Ukraine’s integration policy, paying particular attention to the role of the mass media in the implementation process of the strategic Euro-integration goals.
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    Strukturyzacja województwa wielkopolskiego jako obszaru badań prasy lokalnej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Kowalczyk, Ryszard
    The author presents the analysis of the current territorial structure of Wielkopolska as a potential research field for studies into the local press market and its trends. The contents of the paper comprise a demographic and territorial description of Wielkopolska, including an analysis of the six sub-regions distinguished on the basis of the European Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). The purpose of the paper is to collect information to support the analysis, generalization and comparative examination of the development of the local press in specific areas, and the general presentation of demographic, territorial, socio-economic and cultural conditions. The composition of local press markets depends on such factors as the size and structure of populations, including the proportions of non-productive population (both pre-, and post-production age groups), population density, the rate of urbanization, economic status and levels of unemployment, income, development of educational, cultural, sporting and recreational facilities, historical transformations, including changes in territorial and administrative affiliation, and local press traditions.
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    Zasoby wodne w Republice Kirgiskiej i państwach regionu Azji Centralnej jako jeden z aspektów geopolityki
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Fiedler, Radosław; Subanov, Mirlan
    The paper analyzes the concept of water resources as one of the aspects of geopolitics. It addresses the contemporary state of water relations, as well as their evolution in various periods of Central Asia’s history. It also presents the disputes concerning the joint management of cross-border water resources by Central Asia’s republics. Domestic and international regulations are examined alongside the unilateral policy of Central Asia’s states, which may result in conflicts over water resources.
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    Korelacje poziomu bezrobocia i wyników wyborów do Sejmu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Hajder, Krzysztof
    The results of opinion polls in Poland and in the EU show that unemployment is treated as the most significant social issue. The identification of the directions of correlations and their interrelations allows us to verify the hypothesis that such a determined outlook of public opinion should imply a strong correlation between unemployment rates and the results of parliamentary elections. The analysis takes into account selected contextual variables. As a result, the analysis of the strength of correlation and determination indicators is carried out using linear regression. Determination indicators allow indirect conclusions to be drawn on the level of influence exerted by the unemployment rate on the outcome of elections. The examined correlations are juxtaposed against the correlation of income levels and election results to indicate stronger relations between these variables and the results of elections than those that were the main subject of the analysis.
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    Delegitymizacja III Rzeczypospolitej, budowanie partyjnej tożsamości i dyskursywne struktury możliwości
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Lipiński, Artur
    The objective of this paper is to analyze the factors responsible for the delegitimization process of the Third Polish Republic, in particular in the period from 2001 to 2005, when power was in the hands of the coalition of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and the Polish People’s Party (PSL). The analysis applies the concept of discursive structures of possibilities which identifies which properties of the political context made the delegitimization efforts of the right wing credible. The opposite mechanisms applied, and delegitimization messages sent by the SLD are the object of interest here as well, as are the results of these activities, that is the ideas which Civic Platform (PO) used to build and legitimize their own identity before the 2005 parliamentary elections.
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    Źródła nacjonalizmu czerkieskiego i jego konsekwencje polityczne
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Bodio, Tadeusz; Sieradzan, Przemysław J.
    The problem of the increasing threat to Russian security in the area of the Northern Caucasus is described as originating in the ethnic groups from the mountainous region located between the Caspian, Black and Azov Seas. The hundreds of ethnic and sub-ethnic groups living there have their own identities and are aware of their individuality. This makes the Northern Caucasus the most unstable of all regions in the Russian Federation. One of the more serious threats to the national security and territorial integrity of the Russian state is posed by separatist movements in the Northern Caucasus. Caucasian enthnoses and elites have various levels of national consciousness, political ambitions and loyalties towards Moscow. The ethnic situation in north-west Caucasus is becoming increasingly tense, and the organizations of Circassian autonomists and separatists are winning more and more support. A lot seems to suggest that as the date of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi draws nearer the protests of the Adigeian population are likely to escalate, both in the Russian Federation and abroad. The ‘Circassian issue’ is a significant ethno-political challenge faced by the authorities of the Russian Federation.
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    Rola referendum w powstawaniu państw po 1989 r. w Europie
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM w Poznaniu, 2012) Podolak, Małgorzata
    The institution of the referendum is one of the forms of direct democracy. Referendums are understood as direct suffrage on important matters of state, or a part of its territory, that constitute the subject of the vote. In the processes of democratic transformation, outlooks on this institution of direct democracy evolve. Referendums have become a tool to express the will of the nation to choose in matters of sovereignty. This form of asking the nation has turned out to be effective for those communities with a strong sense of national identity and the belief that it is necessary for the state to be revived as a sovereign entity. The results of the referenda held in the Baltic states, in the Balkans and Ukraine have confirmed their peoples’ wills to independently exist within the framework of a sovereign state.
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