Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2008/2009, tom 19

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    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Kotlarska-Michalska, Anna
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    Wybrane aspekty funkcji emocjolnalno-ekspresyjnej Wspólnoty AA oraz programów terapeutycznych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Trzebiatowski, Jakub
    The research conducted by the author of the article among AA patients and among alcohol-and-substances abuse facility patients shows that the actions of the AA society are based on a clearly defined program, and are more effective than those taken by the alcohol-and-substances abuse facility. AA members rated their life quality higher than patients of the facility did. Their AA membership allowed them to fulfil their emotional needs, such as understanding, support, and help in battling crises.
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    Czynniki wpływające na postawy młodych ludzi wobec prokreacji
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Owsiejczyk, Aurelia
    The author of the article attempts to characterise various factors that influence procreation among young people. Changes in the attitudes towards procreation, both for and against generating offspring, are best seen in the group under discussion. Young, educated people are open to new opportunities, development paths, and trends. It is up to these people and to their offspring what the future Polish society will look like.
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    Atrakcyjność jako cecha rodzin wiejskich i miejskich w opiniach młodzieży
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Rosochacka-Gmitrzak, Magdalena
    Presented material describes the selected aspects of attractiveness, using both psychological and sociological perspective. Next, own research results are presented. The aim of this research was to analyse the problem of attractiveness, as a feature of rural and urban families. Two outlooks are introduced in the empirical part of the paper. The first one examines the degree of attractiveness of family seen as a group, while the second one portrays the consequences of attractiveness itself.
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    Ojciec jako organizator czasu wolnego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Gębka, Mikołaj
    The article shows that the role of the free time organiser is such a role of the father that, paradoxically, is both existent and (virtually) non-existent, depending on which aspect of the social role of the father is considered. The role does exist in the sense that it is actually realised by fathers. However, it requires that it be discovered by fathers themselves, including all its importance, which is where it almost ceases to exist, as the importance is marginalised in fathers' awareness.
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    Obciążenie pracami domowymi dzieci w rodzinach wiejskich
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Lachowski, Stanisław
    The article aims at measuring the load of housework in children. This type of work is a permanent slot in the timetable of the majority of children in rural families. For the majority of examined children housework is a regular duty, done on daily or near-daily basis. The analysis shows no statistically significant difference between younger and older children in terms of their partaking in housework, while significant difference is found between the subgroups formed by boys and girls. Children are given housework in the majority of rural families. This helps the family to function efficiently; it helps to strengthen family ties, form positive features of children's personality, and prepare them to perform family roles in their adult life.
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    Współczesne skrypty bycia razem. Zamierzony i realizowany projekt scenariuszy ról małżeńskich
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Bieńko, Mariola
    Profound changes of values, norms, attitudes and behaviour within post-industrial societies have changed the nature of bonding in the marital community. Certainly, traditional ideas of marriage have been destabilised. Actual marriage is a complex mix of various types, and the mix itself may be unstable. Each couple has a preference for one or other type, either provisionally or permanently. In the contractual pattern of marriage everything depends on the benefits that each spouse will derive from the relationship. Combining many roles (of a parent, friend, sexual partner) certainly requires social acceptance and policies to enable their satisfactory fulfillment. Simultaneously, popular beliefs and scholary paradigms stress that multiple roles in a couple are not clearly defined. Contemporarily we may observe the women's and men's traditional marital domains permeate and complement each other. The article presents a report of empirical study on expectation and realisation of marital roles. This piece of research is part of a project focusing on the perception of marital friendship. The results of the study revealed a descriptive map of similarities and differences in attitude toward the construction of spouse's identity.
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    Rodzina i młodzież. Teoria i badania
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Kwak, Anna
    Presen ted article is ad dressed to re ad e rs interested in two topics. Firstly, it attempts to show w ha t are the main points of studies referring to bond between adolescents and its family. S econdly, it tries to p re sen t in w h a t extent theories in the question constitute basis for research . The question lies in the p roblem w he th e r re s e arch es n ot based on theories a re valuable?
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    Status społeczny matek dzieci pozamałżeńskich w Polsce przełomu XX i XXI wieku
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Szukalski, Piotr
    The last two decades were a period of increase in numbers and proportion of out-ofwedlock births in Poland. It raised a question if the increase is related with changes in socio-economic status of mothers of the extramarital children. Data on the status of the mothers from the last decades were compared. Generally, independently on the period unmarried mothers had worse status defined in terms of age, educational attainment, and main source of maintenance. The analyzed data suggested further increase in proportion of extramarital births due to generational effect.
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    Obyczaj zaręczyn i jego rola w procesie konstruowania małżeństwa
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2008) Przybył, Iwona
    The aim of this article concentrates on the significance of betrothal and formal engagement in the process of building the marital partnership. The author tries to present the transformation of betrothal practices from the Middle Ages to present days. This paper is based on literature and the results of the author's study carried out in 2007. Earlier, engagement as the ritual of passage was a period for evaluating the relationship, learning to become more effective partners. Today all functions of engagement was redefined and caused to the traditional ceremony only.
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