Studia Edukacyjne, 2010, nr 14

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    Od stabilizacji do chaosu zawodowego. Scenariusze biografii zawodowych etapu średniej dorosłości
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Piorunek, Magdalena
    The text discusses the main social and cultural transformations that occurred over the last twenty years and the simultaneous political and economic transformations that have become a background for different structuring of individual biographies. In circumstances where changes have become permanent, the organized, foreseeable, relatively certain as regards their feasibility life-course models, including the vocational life-course models, cease to exist. Random references were made to results of biographical research whose main objective was to identify and describe vocational life courses of individuals in their middle adulthood, i.e. persons who, according to the classical vocational development periodisation by D. Super, already have a well-defined vocational career model that they confirm by real activities during stabilisation and in a further perspective – during consolidation. If and to what extent the current labour market changes are transposed on the course of individual’s life experience – how these changes pervade the sphere of vocational biographies, how individual vocational models change in the middle adulthood? – these have been the main questions defining the research area. Attempts were made to depict how individuals form their vocational paths in circumstances of permanent macrostructural social change, that in the Polish reality was intensified due to a shift from a centrally-planned economy to a free-market economy. Three types of the middle adulthood vocational biographies were identified and characterised: linear, sequential and decentralised (mosaic) biographies.
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