Studia Edukacyjne, 2011, nr 17

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    Psychologiczne konsekwencje (euro)sieroctwa: funkcjonowanie rodziny, diagnoza i pomoc
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2011) Brzezińska, Anna Izabela; Matejczuk, Joanna
    Economic migration, especially to Western Europe, is increasingly the reaction of Poles to the presently occurring political, economic, and social changes. The mass exodus and the resulting family separation are becoming a serious social problem, especially in relation to the issues of the development and education of children and youth left behind commonly known as Euroorphans. Psychological consequences of Euromigration are experienced by all family members i.e. parents-spouses, children, grandparents, as well as the immediate surrounding friends, neighbours, school, and local community. The balance of positive and negative effects of decisions made by the family in the period of political transformation also those concerning the place of living and employment either together or separately depends, to a great extent, on the mode of reaching the decisions and implementing them by the whole family. We pay particular attention to the degree of involvement of all family members in the decision making process concerning migration and to the necessity of preparing the family in advance to make conscious and responsible choices. Family counsellors play an essential role in this field.
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