Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 1993, nr 2


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    Spis treści RPEiS 55(2), 1993
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993)
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    Pakt o przedsiębiorstwie państwowym a potrzeba zmiany ustroju pracy w Polsce
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Piotrowski, Włodzimierz
    The author understands the Pact as a social contract shaping not only the status of employees of state enterprises in the transition period, but as an act of a wider scope. Its significance manifests itself in the approval of market economy and in the acceptance of social partnership relations between employees and employers, as well as in the recognition of the partners' duty to seek the harmonization of conflicting interests through negotiations. The Pact is accompanied by several drafts of legal acts, which contain new elements of the employment system and are based on solutions adopted in the EEC countries. Evaluating these drafts from the point of view of market economy, the author is of the opinion that not all proposals contained in the Pact meet such requirements. The most difficult problem of the system of employment in Poland is the plurality of trade unions, uncooperative and hostile towards one another, what in t u rn creates difficulties with respect to their collective bargaining power; another problem is the absence of any employee representation in the majority of Polish workplaces.
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    Sytuacja prawna pracowników niewypłacalnego pracodawcy (Uwagi w świetle paktu o przedsiębiorstwie oraz standardów międzynarodowych)
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Kijowski, Andrzej
    The article consists of four parts. Part I presents a historical outlook at the norms pertaining to the protection of employee claims in bankruptcy. Under the Bankruptcy Law of 1934, this protection was insufficient. The 1990 amendments to the Bankruptcy Law have included all employee claims to the bankrupt estate and located them in the most privileged category. Part II presents the impact of t h e declaration of bankruptcy on the protection of stability of the employment relationship. Parts III and IV discuss the draft law on protection of employee claims in insolvency. The author compares the draft with respective international standards, i.e., the Directive No. 987/80 of t h e Council of European Communities, as well as the ILO Convention No. 173 and Recommendations No. 180 of 1992.
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    Świadczenia socjalne na rzecz pracowników oraz ochrona ich zdrowia w treści paktu o przedsiębiorstwie państwowym
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Niedbała, Zdzisław
    The article discusses various provisions pertaining to the social security allowances and the protection of health of employees, agreed upon in February 1993 by and between the government of the Republic of Poland, trade unions and the Confederation of Employers and adopted in the State Enterprise Pact.
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    Wybrane zagadnienia cywilnoprawne projektu ustawy o prywatyzacji przedsiębiorstw państwowych (z uwzględnieniem postanowień paktu o przedsiębiorstwie)
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Szlęzak, Andrzej
    The article presents the new draft of the Privatization Law. The author analyses the draft from t h e perspective of theoretical and practical problems connected with the privatization of the state sector. Besides, the author identifies potential areas of difficulties in implementing the provisions of the draft Law, and proposes the ways to eliminate the shortcomings of the proposed legislation.
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    Aspekty finansowe paktu o przedsiębiorstwie państwowym w trakcie przekształcania
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Komar, Andrzej
    The article discusses financial provisions of the Enterprise Pact. Most of such provisions regulate the relations between the enterprise and the budget. A characteristic feature of t h e Pact is the absence of new solutions. This is especially true in the case of t h e taxation of enterprises (dividend), which taxation is to be modified to a limited extent only. The same observation can be made about the taxation of wages, for the Pact contains the proposal to replace the Excess Wages Tax by dividend. Such a replacement does not change anything and is in contradiction with the assumptions of market economy. In particular, the employer is allowed to increase wages to the extent to which it can transfer the cost of such wages to the price of goods and services. It would be enough to tax wages with the Personal Income Tax. The Enterprise Pact is accompanied by the Act on Restructuring of Banks and Enterprises. Generally speaking, it is aimed at improving the financial condition of enterprises and banks through the debt restructuring of the former and improving the credit capacity of the latter.
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    Delimitacja systemów gospodarczych w naukach ekonomicznych
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Gorynia, Marian
    The article presents methodic aspects of distinguishing economic systems as a subject-matter of economic sciences. The delimitation of economic systems may be carried out by means of the conception of hierarchical structure and order. The delimitation of economic systems should be performed on two planes: vertical and horizontal. A vertical plane is connected with the determination of hierarchical level, i.e., the level of the analysis of social existence. In turn, a horizontal plane is connected with the criteria of subordination of sub-systems distinguished at a given level of analysis. The traditional economy distinguished two levels of analysis: micro and macro. In the 20th c. three additional levels of analysis have been distinguished: micromicro, mezo and global. The article discusses the characteristics of analyses conducted at particular levels. The last part of t he article contains the examples of delimitation of economic sub-systems in four branches of economy: (i) theory of industry organization; (ii) regional economy and zoning; (iii) organization and management, and (iv) marketing.
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    Poziom i jakość życia ludności oraz źródła i mierniki ich określania
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Piasny, Janusz
    The author points to the complexity of determining the standard and quality of living in theory and practice. He stresses the need to develop various sources of information and sociostatistical tools of their analysis within a so-called Integrated System of Household Research. In t h e article the author: — defines the standard of living and discusses synthetic and analytic measures of its determining; — defines the concept of the "quality of living" and subjective and objective measures allowing to assess its changes; — points to the advantages and disadvantages of household budget research, agricultural accounting of farms and other forms of research as sources of information on different aspects of t h e standard and quality of living; and — makes a synthetic review and evaluation of the outcome of the research on the quality of living in the early 90s in Poland. Among the conclusions concerning the improvement of the system of analyzing t h e standard and quality of living mention should be made of: — the need to analyze the standard and quality of living in conjunction with the economic, demographic, sociological and psychological factors shaping the standard and quality of living; — the need to include into the research new socio-economic groups (self-employed families and so-called free professions); — the need to adjust the classification of revenues and expenses of t h e population to Western European standards; — the need to improve the methodology of estimating living expenses, and the methodology of calculating income and real pay; — the need to develop and improve the research not only on the standard of living, but also on the "quality of living", in order to fully employ these categories to solving various social policy problems.
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    Jakość życia - między wolnością a mistyfikacją
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Adamiec, Marek; Popiołek, Katarzyna
    The concept of t he quality of life presented in the article can be most adequately characterized as an attempt of an individual to implement his/her own way of living. Such an implementation has two aspects. The first can be reduced to external conditions making it possible to realize so-called generative values (external quality of living). The second aspect is treated as a possibility of attaining and expressing human personality. Basic statements of the conception have been illustrated by the characteristics of the quality of life of the unemployed.
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    Co wnoszą badania biograficzne do refleksji nad psychologicznymi wymiarami jakości życia?
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Rzepa, Teresa
    The article analyses theoretical concepts and the results of research on the course of human life. The analysis has been directed at distinguishing the factors which exert significant influence on t h e level of t h e quality of life. Using the criterion of the ability to control one's own development, the author distinguished five different ways of living, each of which expresses itself through different perception of t h e quality of life.
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    Jakość życia a zdrowie
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Sęk, Helena
    The article presents the results of research indicating that there is no simple correlation between the condition of health and the satisfaction with life. The analysis indicates that the valuation of one's life depends on the conception of health (health as a lack of illness; health as vital forces; health as the outcome of balancing resources and threats), irrespective of the actual condition of health of an individual.
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    Tożsamościowe uwarunkowania zadowolenia z życia emigranta (Polacy w Stanach Zjednoczonych)
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Boski, Paweł
    The article presents the results of research on the satisfaction with life of Poles living in the USA and Canada. The author indicates that the level of satisfaction depends on sex and the duration of stay abroad. Besides, the author determined t he role of criterial and correlative identity in the process of adjusting to a new cultural environment.
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    Alienacja polityczna w warunkach transformacji systemowej w Polsce
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Korzeniowski, Krzysztof
    The article presents an attempt to confront t h e existing knowledge on social views and activities of people feeling alienated with the state of consciousness of alienated Poles in 1991. A difference in perception of the social and economic reality of Poland in 1991 can be ascribed to quick changes in t h e public life in Poland.
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    Stereotypy i uprzedzenia jako determinanty jakości życia kobiet
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Miluska, Jolanta
    The article presents the results of research on sex stereotypes which may lower the perception of t h e quality of life of employed women. The results prove that there are no negative stereotypes and prejudice against women. Therefore, it can be said that the level of fear of unemployment should not be higher in the case women than it is in the case of men.
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    Jakość życia młodego naukowca
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Tokarz, Aleksandra; Beauvale, Andrzej
    A model for determining the quality of life of a young scholar is a theoretical model determining t h e characteristics of motivation conditions connected with efficient scientific activity. Such a model has been verified empirically. Three groups of scholars have been examined: efficient scholars (tenured professors), inefficient scholars (associate professors) and potentially efficient scholars (assistants). It turned out that the psychological standard applied to the evaluation of the quality of life proved to be of little use.
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    Posłowie dyskusji o jakości życia
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993) Kowalik, Stanisław
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    Przegląd piśmiennictwa RPEiS 55(2), 1993
    (Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM, 1993)
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