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Title: Normative and non-normative limitations of victims’ protection system in Poland
Authors: Karlik, Piotr
Editors: Wiliński, Paweł
Karlik, Piotr
Keywords: vistims’ protection system in Poland
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Improving protection of victims' rights: access to legal aid, pp. 157-162
Abstract: Nowadays more attention is being paid to normative limitation while forgetting those non-normative. In comparison, in my opinion those nonnormative factors are the one of great importance. Their cannot be changed by simple amendment, it takes time, sometimes even long time to invert the society way of thinking and approach of bodies of the proceedings. That is way we should focus not only on legal changes, which of course are important but on rising level of legal education among society as well. The truth is that the sooner we will start to think about normative and non-normative limitation as the combined issues, the better it will be for increasing the access to legal aid in Poland.
ISBN: 978-83-936610-4-6
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