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Title: Information and communication technology and crisis management
Authors: Wojciechowicz, Wojciech
Zych, Jan
Hołubowicz, Witold
Keywords: crisis management
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Technical Sciences, 2012, 15(1), pp. 101-110.
Abstract: In the present article selected telecommunication aspects in the area of crisis management are exposed. In particular, the focus is put on the response phase, since there are new challenges at the junction of organisational and technical layers, incl. interoperability, new functionalities and models. Those aspects have not been exhaustively tested in real situations; thus such issues still require multiple testing, verification and validation. In this article the communication problems are collated with new solutions, such as the use of cloud computing, social media and additional functionalities to increase the security level. The main aim of this article is to introduce challenges, as well as new opportunities provided by the implementation of new Information and Communication Technologies in the area of crisis management.
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