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Title: Migracyjna sieć rodzinnego wsparcia. Kazus młodzieży migracyjnej
Authors: Kozielska, Joanna
Editors: Regulska, Agnieszka
Dudziak, Urszula
Keywords: Emigracja
wsparie społeczne
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Kozielska Joanna,Migracyjna sieć rodzinnego wsparcia. Kazus młodzieży migracyjnej. [w:] Transformacja i jej implikacje dla współczesnej rodziny. A. Regulska, U. Dudziak (red.) Pułtuska Warszawa 2015, ISBN 978-83-7549-237-8, pp. 71-89.
Abstract: The undertaken verifications of Polish foreign migration phenomenon lacks reflection on the biographical experience of young Polish post-accession emigrants, their judgments and opinions. This publication is targeted, therefore, towards research on migration prospects of micro entity. These, in turn, predispose migrants to aid them, by multi-faceted support - both formal and informal. The proposed approach should inspire you to reflect on the quality of the trajectory of migration biography by blending into the mainstream of humanist discourse on temporal multidimensionality of human life, condemned to permanent search of a place in life (for living, working, fulfilling family functions) in constant reconstruction of anew global reality. Postmodern migration support network and its new quality in the form of the blogosphere - as "an immediate panacea for all ailments of migration" is another of the discussed issue. The whole has been enriched by comments stemming from recent studies that describe the trends characterizing contemporary after the accession Polish emigration
ISSN: 978-83-7549-237-8
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