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Title: Turystyka i rekreacja a jakość życia mieszkańców Leszna
Authors: Zajadacz, Alina
Śniadek, Joanna
Keywords: local government
inhabitants’ quality of life
quality of life indicator in tourist region
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Śniadek J., Zajadacz A., 2014, Turystyka i rekreacja a jakość życia mieszkańców Leszna. Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki nr 1(25). Podstawy Funkcjonowania Rynku Turystycznego, B. Meyer (red.). Zeszyty Naukowe nr 805, Uniwersytet Szczeciński: 341-366.
Abstract: The quality of life (QOL) is currently one of the main fields of study for researchers around the world. Its complex nature makes it a topic of interest for many different fields, such as philosophy, ethics, medicine, economics, sociology and physical culture sciences. Despite the differences in the way various researches define the QOL, the general agreement is that any measurement of QOL should encompass the following dimensions: objective QOL and subjective QOL (well-being). Particularly noteworthy, for any complex research is the mutual relationship between the QOL and tourism and recreation. The increase of tourism and recreation should entail a simultaneous development of local communities, as emphasized by Crouch and Ritchie this implies that the inhabitants of an area that serves a function of tourism and recreation should profit from the increased number of tourists. This benefits should be reflected in the objective QOL conditions and the subjective sense of satisfaction of the residents. The city of Leszno and it’s tourism and recreation-oriented development strategy were used to form a basis for theoretical study on QOL and to calculate the Tourism-Recreation QOL Index.
ISSN: 1640-6818
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