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Title: Decydujący moment w świecie Instagramu. Współczesna fotografia uliczna i wirtualne tożsamości
Authors: Drozdowicz, Jarema
Keywords: Instagram
street photography
visual culture
social media
popular culture
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Akademii Pedagogiki Specjalnej
Citation: Zbyszko Melosik, Mirosław J. Szymański (red.), Tożsamość w warunkach zmiany społecznej, ss. 227-238
Abstract: The huge popularity of new media platforms and social media is a phenomenon specific for the transitions of contemporary culture. The growing interest in these kinds of communication is visible also in the area of visual culture, especially in the context of photography. This paper makes an attempt of a critical inquiry in the dependency between the mentioned platforms, including Instagram for example, and the transformation of current patterns of media descriptions of reality. A significant part of that discussion is the field of the so called street photography. This sort of documentary photography had gained paradoxically thanks to Instagram a new dimension of articulation and is one of the most popular forms of expressing one’s way of perceiving every day life. This and other phenomena of modern media delivers further evidence for the thesis that is stating a creative and dynamic character of transformation of global culture.
ISBN: 978-83-64953-43-9
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