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Title: The spectres of Mácha or multilingualism as a literary canon
Authors: VÖRÖS, István
Keywords: Czech literature
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Komisja Slawistyczna PAN, Oddział w Poznaniu, IFS UAM, Wydawnictwo PRO
Citation: Bohemistyka XI, 2011, nr 4, s. 251–266.
Abstract: This essay is written for those who sometimes consider it their duty to be embarrassed. Embarrassment, ignorance and doubt are very important elements of understanding – they complement self-confidence and knowledge; like salt to flour, they are added ingredients, to make the dough tasty. The understanding that is reached in this way is, if we are to believe our own simile, tasty, enjoyable. It is enjoyment itself.
ISSN: 1642–9893
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