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Title: As propriedades do verbo e a inversão
Other Titles: Verb properties and inversion
Authors: Mikołajczak, Sylwia
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
Citation: Studia Romanica Posnaniensia, 2004, vol. 31, nr 1, pp. 377-384.
Abstract: The article aims to present basic verb properties engaged in the process of inversion. In Portuguese, that is a language with a null-subject parameter, the inversion seems to be more related to the proper verb rather than subject characteristics. We differentiate semantic features of a verb which categorise the verbs expressing movement, 'entry in the scene', and psychological ones as the classes of verbs prompted to inversion. The semantic features of the differentiated categories relate to syntactic inversion favouring intransitive and inaccusative verbs. Last but not least, the information and communicative factors place the verbs in the sentence initial position, opposite to the subject rhematic elements.
ISBN: 978-83-232-2145-6
ISSN: 0137-2475
Appears in Collections:Studia Romanica Posnaniensia, 2004, vol. 31

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