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Title: Lobbing jako instrument partycypacji społeczeństwa w realizacji zasad państwa demokratycznego
Other Titles: Lobbying as an Instrument of Society’s Participation in the Implementation of the Principles of the Democratic State
Authors: Barańska, Marzena
Keywords: Lobbing
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD UAM
Citation: Przegląd Politologiczny, nr 4/2012, ss. 185-198
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to indicate the role and importance of lobbying as a form of ac- tive participation in the decision-making process of entities interested in a given outcome of this process. Lobbying involves business circles, political deputies and potential addressees of the solutions to be enacted, therefore this form of civic activity has attracted increasing inter- est. Parties involved frequently establish certain organizational structures in order to initiate the activity of authorized entities and involve them in the decision-making process by ex- pressing their approval or disapproval for legislative initiatives. The methods and instruments applied to exert influence are supposed to persuade the decision makers of the necessity to maintain the current solutions, or to inspire changes, but they primarily increase civic con- sciousness as regards the opportunity for active protection of one’s particular interests.
ISSN: 1426-8876
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