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Title: O gramatyce w słowniku. Badania korpusowe w leksykografii dwujęzycznej
Authors: Taborek, Janusz
Keywords: lexicography
corpus linguistics
subject clause
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Oddział Polskiej Akademii Nauk we Wrocławiu
Citation: Academic Journal of Modern Philology vol. I, 2012, pp. 129-138
Abstract: The main objective of this article is to show the influence of the corpus studies on the lexicographic accuracy. The research focuses on the Polish and German verbs which grammatical subject may be expressed by a sentence, phrase or infinitival construction. The analysis uses three verbs taken from the two languages, which represent three semantic groups: verbs representing the emotional state, occurrence verbs and evaluative verbs. The lexicographic description of the already mentioned above verbs that can be seen in both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries is taken here under investigation. What is more, the author tries to indicate that the lexicographic approach to the corpus analysis of the so called lexical grammar may also appear to be very helpful. The fact that lexicography should base on text corpora in order to provide a more detailed and precise lexicographic description can be supported by the presented in the article analysis of the verbs taken from Polish-English dictionary. The Polish-English dictionary published by the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN uses the language corpus and, therefore, shows the examples of the subject realization in the sentences. This provides the user of the dictionary with the accurate lexicographic interpretation and the context of the verb in which it appears.
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