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Title: Autorytet serialu dokumentalnego. Na przykładzie trzeciej części meczu. Rzecz o reprezentacji
Authors: Piepiórka, Michał
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza
Citation: Człowiek i Społeczeństwo, 34/2012, s. 93-107
Abstract: This article attempts to show that documentary series project a sense of authority which makes television viewers believe in their objectivity. It also argues that documentary series have become a source of knowledge about the world for the viewers. I analyze a documentary series entitled “Trzecia cz#$% meczu. Rzecz o reprezentacji” by Adam Bortnowski. In the article I examine three sources with respect to this series: online journalistic articles, the audiovisual text of TV series and respondents’ opinions. In order to analyze online journalistic articles I used a theory of discourse which allowed me to distinguish between two discursive strategies appearing in such articles, that is, the strategy of objectivity and the strategy of exploration. As for audiovisual texts, their authors use rhetorical tricks aimed at convincing the audience that documentary series show some previously unknown information about reality. Miros!aw Przylipiak and Stella Bruzzi highlight a few features of documentary series which differentiate them from factual films and which bring them closer to a docusoap. This type of TV series emphasizes entertainment and belittles the realm of knowledge. Therefore, we should not treat such TV series as objective documentaries. I attempt to prove that Bortnowski’s TV series meets the conditions for a docusoap. At the end of my article I analyze the opinions of TV series’ viewers about the features of a documentary series. In their opinion objectivity is one of the major features of this type of television text.
ISSN: 0239-3271
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